A Loving Communicating God Elder Marion D. Hanks October 1992

A Loving Communicating God Hanks 92


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I am a 39 yr old husband and father great kids. In November of 2009, I was going about my usual business, as a salesman that traveled in the car a lot listening to sports talk radio. Then the thought hit me, you know what this is an absolute waste of time. I could careless about this, in that moment for some reason sports seemed so meaningless. And I knew everything about it. I almost felt embarrassed. I thought is this how my wife feels when I am yelling at the TV while the Vikings are getting jobbed on a call? Is this what it feels like to actually grow up? Even though I had served a mission to Spain the depth of my understanding of the gospel was pretty shallow. So it seemed pretty obvious that I needed learn. I felt this sensation that I was far behind in my progession and had to make up for it. So, naturally my next thought was, I am going to die? To that question came another question, and what if you are? To that the answer was obvious I would know a lot about sports. So, I borrowed all the conference CD's that a friend of mine had been collecting since 2002. I remember distinctly the first time I put in a CD it was dark early in the morning on the way to the airport. I didn't try and organize the listening at first because I just wanted to hear a few talks. I remember thinking Mike and Mike are on and this is going to be torture listening to conference instead. So, I ramdomly picked April 2007 and gabbed the Priesthood session disk. I thought I will listen to a couple talks that I know. So the fist talk was a good talk by President Monson. Then came President Hinckley, the talk was titled "I am clean" I became enthralled in the talk. The tone and inflection in his voice. The emotion that echoed through the car as I drove down the road was amazing. As pulled into Park and Jet with tears streaming down my face, I was hooked. I couldn't believe that I had never heard that talk. I couldn't wait to listen to more. Within a matter of months I had listened to all the talks that my friend gave me and wanted to hear more. I went to the internet to get the talks older than 2002. To my amazement, they were nowhere to be found. I thought that the internet had everything. So I drove around again listening to sports talk radio for a week or two. Then one day I found myself in a DI, I can't even recall why. When low and behold I look up and sitting on the shelf are conference tapes from April 1979. I had no idea that these even existed. Over the next year and a half I found at the DI from Las Vegas to Brigham City every conference dating back t

3 responses to “A Loving Communicating God Elder Marion D. Hanks October 1992”

  1. bestldsconferencetalks says :

    To me this is one of lthe greatest talks ever given in General Conference. It was given while I was in Spain on my mission. My parents taped conference off the radio and sent me the tapes. I remember the day I first heard it, I would have given anything for the Spanish to have heard the talk. At time I did not know who the speaker was, but even though this was the last talk he would give in conference he would become my favorite speaker. Pres Hanks passed away this year after a great noble life.

    • David S. Corbett says :

      This is wonderful to hear someone who love to listen to Conference like I do. I started out in the 80′ listening to the talks. This is also one of my favorite talks. Elder Hanks ordained my father to be a Seventy back in the 1960’s and married my sister and her husband in the Jordon River Temple. I now wish I could have meet him. I love to her his voice, the spirit is so strong as he speaks. I also love to listen to Elder Maxwell (as well as all the brethren). This wonderful talk given by Elder Hanks was his last given in General Conferance and was then Elder Neal A. Maxwell followed him and so wonderfully thanked Elder Hanks for all the wonderful moments together and then Elder Maxwell also gave a fantastic talk. I can’t wait to meet these noble disciples beyond the veil and throw my arms around them and thank them for all they have taught me in my quest to also be a true and faithful disciple of our precious Savior.

      • bestldsconferencetalks says :

        Thank you for sharing Brother how fortunate you are to have Elder Hanks apart of your families legacy. I guess I need to go back and listen to the talk given by Elder Maxwell right after. Again I appreciate that comments. Thanks

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