The Choice Elder Boyd K. Packer October 1980

The Choice Elder Boyd K. Packer October 1980

This great talk I listened to for the first time about a month ago.  It was one of those talks that you hear precisely at the time you need it most.  It was in the morning on my way to work.  I had just started a job that I had 10 years ago after being unemployed for 4 months.  I was laid off in June, but it was more than that I cut loose as a fall guy for a number of management and internal issues that had nothing to do with me.  Either way I way depressed, disappointed felt I had no value.  I had tried for months to get a job to match my experience without success.  I told my wife just the night before that I was amazed that she would stay with a man that was such an obvious failure and loser.  We didn’t (and still don’t) have health insurance, or money for school clothes.  If I do real well at this new job (in sales) I can probably make about half of what I was making.  These thoughts were all very vivid in my mind driving to work for another day of the ongoing humiliation.  Then an inspired Elder Packer stepped to the pulpit and said these words.  I went into work and was waiting for a customer when I saw a long time friend of mine from Cedar City who was running his father in laws furniture store.  I said, what are you doing here are you checking out the competition?  He said “No, I am actually here to see if I can get a job.  The store fell on hard times we had to close the doors.  It’s been a rough few months and I have to tell you it was hard to come in here today.”  I told him for you and me both but we are here, and I have a talk you have got to hear and it will make you feel better.  I also think that the Lord wants you to hear it.


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I am a 39 yr old husband and father great kids. In November of 2009, I was going about my usual business, as a salesman that traveled in the car a lot listening to sports talk radio. Then the thought hit me, you know what this is an absolute waste of time. I could careless about this, in that moment for some reason sports seemed so meaningless. And I knew everything about it. I almost felt embarrassed. I thought is this how my wife feels when I am yelling at the TV while the Vikings are getting jobbed on a call? Is this what it feels like to actually grow up? Even though I had served a mission to Spain the depth of my understanding of the gospel was pretty shallow. So it seemed pretty obvious that I needed learn. I felt this sensation that I was far behind in my progession and had to make up for it. So, naturally my next thought was, I am going to die? To that question came another question, and what if you are? To that the answer was obvious I would know a lot about sports. So, I borrowed all the conference CD's that a friend of mine had been collecting since 2002. I remember distinctly the first time I put in a CD it was dark early in the morning on the way to the airport. I didn't try and organize the listening at first because I just wanted to hear a few talks. I remember thinking Mike and Mike are on and this is going to be torture listening to conference instead. So, I ramdomly picked April 2007 and gabbed the Priesthood session disk. I thought I will listen to a couple talks that I know. So the fist talk was a good talk by President Monson. Then came President Hinckley, the talk was titled "I am clean" I became enthralled in the talk. The tone and inflection in his voice. The emotion that echoed through the car as I drove down the road was amazing. As pulled into Park and Jet with tears streaming down my face, I was hooked. I couldn't believe that I had never heard that talk. I couldn't wait to listen to more. Within a matter of months I had listened to all the talks that my friend gave me and wanted to hear more. I went to the internet to get the talks older than 2002. To my amazement, they were nowhere to be found. I thought that the internet had everything. So I drove around again listening to sports talk radio for a week or two. Then one day I found myself in a DI, I can't even recall why. When low and behold I look up and sitting on the shelf are conference tapes from April 1979. I had no idea that these even existed. Over the next year and a half I found at the DI from Las Vegas to Brigham City every conference dating back t

2 responses to “The Choice Elder Boyd K. Packer October 1980”

  1. Mark says :

    Hey Rob, It’s Mark O. I was looking for some good info for a talk that I am preparing for on Sunday. My topic is Church Welfare, Self Sufficiency ect, This is exactly what I want to talk about. Since many people already know the doctrine and its importance. Prosperity comes from living the commandments and putting God First !!!. Then if we seek for Riches, and for the proper intent to cloth the naked, sick and the poor then it will be granted. Therin is the battle of man. The battle of good and evil, the purpose of out existence and our test in this life. I am reminded that we chose to come to this life and to prove our selves worthy. We need to keep in mind the big picture and realize that whatever comes, happens or may happen becuase of being in this mortal life. Not necessaryily because God is punishing us or that we don’t measure up. We must realize that God is in control and will direct us if we let him.

    Thanks, Mark.

    • bestldsconferencetalks says :

      Great Talk right? I love this talk and could listen to it over and over. The ultimate battle is good vs evil and it takes place within us every single day. Like my Bishop said while we where standing outside in the cold talking last Sunday. There are 2 types of fire. The flame of purification and the flame of condemnation. When you are going through either to misjudge and react accordingly which fire the Lord is putting you through will have eternal ramifications.

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